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Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Chairman of the Board of TrusteesHead of The Board of Trustees

I'm pleased to welcome you at the British Royal University which has become distinct scientifically monument within a few years . Serve our beloved country and our noble sons and all who live on this pure earth. I invite you to attend this educational edifice of the live experience in construction and real achievement and academic interaction for a better tomorrow, Where the student should be able to acquire knowledge and skills to succeed in the future and compete locally and internationally, and provide him with opportunities for lifelong learning.

We have taken care in the British Royal University of Science and Technology during the years of planning and willingness to offer an integrated educational program, Similar to that offered by international universities in various fields and take into account the needs of the labor market knowledge, and abilities and skills, And have chosen the best American and European universities to cooperate with us in the design of academic programs, And for the transfer of expertise and international experience in the curricula of the scientific study of specialized.

We have also to provide appropriate academic environment in an integrated campus services and facilities of all the scientific, educational and recreational ,And provide basic services needed by the student and faculty member and staff at the university.

We aspire to contribute to this environment that supports the efforts of students to receive their lessons and lectures and activities, Earnestly and sincerely and dedication, and to acquire knowledge and skills that enable them to excellence and scientific excellence in the future.

We have also to provide educational competencies of faculty members and teachers, experienced and highly qualified international universities, We look forward to be able to transfer science and experiments and experiences to students, According to the best teaching methods, And using advanced learning technologies, Which contribute to - God willing - to be the lectures and lessons and exercises interesting and enjoyable and a great interest and influence.

In addition, Focused on the university to build a network of academic cooperation with universities, companies and international institutions distinct, To support the University's efforts to benefit from international expertise in the field of teaching, training and scientific research, In addition to providing a variety of opportunities to study abroad in programs useful in accordance with the cooperation and coordination, and constant supervision. And has also succeeded in the university within a few years, Be a leader in the field of scientific activities, cultural and social, Through its ongoing quest to give students the opportunity to participate and express an opinion, and dialogue and positive competition, To hone their talents and creativity to support the technical, professional and literary.

I hope to be successful in providing a different model of higher education. Contribute to human development, and support the chances of life ... And ask God to reconcile and pay.