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Admission and Registration Department is the authority by which register the students wishing to enroll in the university and provide them with admission and registration conditions and then confirm the admission to the university, firstly ,which held the student at the university, the last that comes out of it which give him the certificate and degree that it deserves.

Admission and Registration Deanship Includes three sections:

  • Admissions.
  • Registration Section.
  • Department of Documents.

First: - Admission: - performs The following tasks

  1. Welcome the new students and accepted them depending on basics of admission.
  2. respond to queries by which related to the Admission by phone, fax , e-mail.
  3. provide the college academic records of students to those who transfer.
  4. Check files of new students as the foundations of acceptance and Enter their data electronically and follow-up moves things academic (delay, interruption, withdrawal, transfer of specialization, etc.
  5. Follow-up capacity at the university level.
  6. Prepare the statistics for the acceptance of students.
  7. follow up and applying of regulations and instructions to grant bachelor's degree.

Second: - Registration: - performs The following tasks

  1. Organizing and implementing the registration process.
  2. Preparing of study Tables and tables of final exams schedules, And control and distributing of classrooms in coordination with colleges.
  3. Receipt of the final examination results, verification and monitoring of automatically and manually.
  4. Declaration of examination results, and calculating the rates quarterly and cumulative.
  5. Follow-up and applying of study plans for students of all disciplines.
  6. Preparing a lists of excelling academically students and those who were warned and Detached.
  7. Preparing a lists of students expected to graduate and lists of graduates at the end of each semester.
  8. preparing statistics for the students registration.
  9. Follow-up and application of regulations and instructions to grant the degree of scientific students.

Third: - The documentation section: - performs The following tasks:

  1. Making sure of students records and following-up shortcomings.
  2. Following-up storage all kinds of documents (study tables, payrolls , messages for students, certificates etc ...) in the files of students duly.
  3. To provide Coordinator of website all Issues relating to the deanship and updating with the latest.
  4. Following-up applying of regulations and instructions of granting the degrees.