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cordially welcome you to the home page of the Department of Petroleum Engineering at the British Royal University For Science and Technology. The Department was established in 2009 with the mission to offer quality programs in petroleum engineering, and to develop advanced research capabilities to meet the Kurdistan Region needs for manpower, technical expertise and educational services.
The Department provides B.Sc. programs in Petroleum Engineering. All areas within the discipline of petroleum engineering are covered through classroom and laboratory sessions in addition to practical training. The Department provides particular emphasis on developing students communication skills, ethics, group-work and computer applications.
The Department is linked to the University's main-frame computing facilities in addition to having its specialized computation laboratory. The Department also maintains its own library which has a collection of textbooks covering most petroleum engineering areas.


About Department

Both fundamental and applied courses are included in the curriculum, relating to the engineering areas of exploration, reservoir, drilling, production, transportation , and economics, It is stressed on computer applications in petroleum engineering in order to better prepare the graduate engineer to work in the complex world of modern technology. In a developing country, more emphasis is needed on practical training, whether in the laboratory or in the field. The department has well-equipped laboratories in different disciplines.



  • Graduates will perform as highly skilled engineers in the local and international petroleum industry.
  • Graduates will continue to learn, improve and evolve in their jobs.
  • Graduates may pursue higher education to participate in academia and involve in research.



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