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Department of Translation

Head of department Message

The mission of the Philadelphia University English Department is to be a national and regional leader in the provision of excellent instruction and meaningful research in English Language and Literature in the context of an intellectually stimulating and challenging environment. The Department's major task will be to help its students develop the relevant life-long theoretical, practical, and analytic competencies with emphasis on critical thinking, independent judgment, sensible argumentation, and both national and global cultural awareness, which will help them become well-rounded, creative, competent and responsible citizens.


About Department

The Department of translation is one of the important achievement of the British Royal University For Science and Technology. It was established in 2009.

The Department offers courses in translation. The study program is made of 132 credit hours, translation and linguistics.

The Department is proud of their distinguished staffs. And promotes the relationships between the university and the British official and non-official institutions .

In addition to the Department's concern with its academic programs, it is also concerned with cultural activities that develop students' character and national pride.


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