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Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering at the British Royal University For Science and Technology . The department which was established in 2009 offers an undergraduate program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering, major in Civil. The department is equipped with high quality laboratories that cover all areas of civil engineering. The civil engineering science is one of the widest engineering sciences and the closest to human life. The civil engineer plays a major role in shaping our future and the future of the world in which we live in, because he is responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of the natural environment and industry, such as bridges, roads, dams and buildings. This has prompted university educators to maintain generations of university graduates capable of keeping track with the growing human needs and frequent requests. Our goal in the department of civil engineering is to educate and train students on the principles and ways of applying civil engineering in the real life, to graduate engineers qualified to keep pace with contemporary developments.


About Department

The Department of Civil Engineering offers an undergraduate program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering, major in Civil Engineering to overcome the need for engineering education and training in the field of Civil and infrastructure engineering. The Department of Civil Engineering provide a stimulating and supportive environment for high-standard education; to prepare graduates for a lifelong productive career in addressing problems in a rapidly-changing world, while instilling in them an appreciation of leadership qualities, professionalism, and ethics; to provide professional services of the highest quality to the community; and to contribute to expanding the knowledge and technological base in civil and infrastructure engineering.
The Department offers the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree after successfully passing 140 credit hours. Currently the B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering can be obtained in the specialization of Civil Engineering. Vision : The vision of the Civil Engineering Department is to be well recognized regionally and internationally for excellence in its educational programs, pioneering research activities and in full compliance to the international standards of quality assurance.
Mission : The mission of the Civil Engineering Department is to provide high quality and effective education in the field of Civil and infrastructure engineering; Materialize the partnership with industry by meeting the ever changing needs of the market for future engineers; Immunize the students with knowledge and experience in their field of specialization to contribute in the making of professional leaders. Educational Objectives



Technical Knowledge:

Provide a basic knowledge of Civil and infrastructure engineering principles along with the required supporting knowledge of mathematics, science, computing, and engineering fundamentals. Develop the basic skills needed to perform and design experimental projects. Develop the ability to formulate problems and projects and to plan a process for solution taking advantage of diverse technical knowledge and skills.

Communications Skills:

Develop the ability to organize and present information and to write and speak effective English. Preparation for Further Study Provide sufficient breadth and depth for successful subsequent graduate study, post-graduate study, or life-long learning programs.

Preparation for the Profession:

Provide an appreciation for the broad spectrum of issues arising in professional practice, including teamwork, leadership, safety, ethics, service, economics, and professional organizations.


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