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Welcome to the Department of Architecture Engineering at the British Royal University For Science and Technology. the Department of Architecture Engineering was established in 2009 and has been steadily progressing since then. Today we are better positioned than ever to address the challenges of the future. We are offering high quality career-oriented education with a strong emphasis on areas needed to advance the national and regional economies. the Department of Architecture Engineering is committed to excellence in education and research. As a result we have started a complete upgrading and modernization project. This project includes, upgrading the infrastructure, total renovation of the engineering building, and renewing and upgrading all the engineering laboratories. Our new labs are now equipped with state of the art hardware, software, and test equipment. As an integral part of the British Royal University For Science and Technology, the Department of Architecture Engineering is proud of the diversity of its students. This diversity provides a rich intellectual and cultural environment and gives us the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of science and technology at the national, regional, and international levels. Realizing that Department and staff are an essential component of the educational process, we have recruited highly qualified the Department members, and we continue to invest in their professional development. Research has been pushed to the forefront of the development process, with the majority of our the Department members involved in active research. I invite you to become better acquainted with the Department of Architecture Engineering, where you will discover engineering excellence, creativity, and cultural diversity.


About Department

Architectural Engineering Program Mission: The architectural engineering program provides students with a rich and rigorous foundation in the fields of architectural design, technology, urban design, structure, history and theory, and landscape architecture. The program thus balances the intensity of a theory with technical creativity, imagination; critical thinking It integrates other disciplines such as Computer Science, and human science into design. Students will learn to Contextualize ideas in theoretical frame them communicate through illustrations, models and, drawings although one of our goals is to raise the awareness of the local and regional architectural identity; we are fully committed to prepare our students for the actual architectural engineering profession to function as architectural engineers in a global society.


Vision Statement

The Department of Architectural engineering is a research- led and student- centered. It aims at engaging in exemplary architectural teaching, research, scholarship, creative endeavor, and service. On international, regional and national level. The program is structured to establish connections with other distinguished national / international foundations, visitors and scholars. The department aim to improve the quality of the built environment through architecture.


Architectural Engineering Program Objectives:

To provide students with knowledge, skills and proficiency to meet the growing demands of future profession in dealing with the dynamic, fluid and progressive trend of architecture. The curriculum is crafted to enhance and foster students' as well as instructors' abilities to face the global competition and to work in different environments. To continuously develop the program to meet the resent advancement and the market diverse needs of the local national and international.


Architectural Engineering Program Outcome:

    The department of architectural engineering program graduate will have:
  • The capacity to apply Knowledge of science, and engineering architectural.
  • The Knowledge of contemporary issues, in architecture, which allows them to appreciate the impact of architectural solutions on humankind in general and local community in particular.
  • The ability to effectively communicate using oral, written and graphic forms, the ability to analyze and interpret data and provide the results necessary to design buildings.
  • The ability leads and effectively communicates with colleagues, clients and the local community.


Faculty / Staff

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