Vice President for managerial Affairs

It is my pleasure to speak to you through the University website, and Wishing you excellence and success. The developed nations Proud of the achievements of their children In various areas of life, which all contribute to the building society and the nation , So we had to work hard To reach the highest levels of efficiency, both scientific and practical, And to provide them with state of the techniques.

The Vice President for Administrative Affairs works on Oversee the conduct of work, And falls within the scope of his work the following:

  1. Advice To the university president on policies and laws And regulations and instructions.
  2. Develop a comprehensive plan for the Chambers Supervised by And coordinate its work with other departments in the university.
  3. Develop a comprehensive plan To the needs of departments.
  4. Participate in the councils and standing committees and temporary inside and outside the university.
  5. Represent the university with the relevant authorities.
  6. Submit periodic reports to the university president on the progress of work.
  7. Do any other related work.
  8. Do the work of the university president during the absence of the President And that upon the recommendation of the university president and the decision of the Board of Trustees.


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