Vice President for Academic

Deputy president of the university

Vice President for Academic

The universities in each country, the leader of their society, And a leader in the processes of change and modernization to ensure the development of society and progress and advancement, As universities are complex thought-free and creative and innovative.
the British Royal University of Science and Technology that is the focus of human hope, The upgrading of the community - at various levels - what is better and richer, This belief comes from unwavering belief that the rights is first and least valuable players are capable of change. And the basis of this argument, Work of The British Royal University for Science and Technology on the development of human creative, To ensure that students went to search based on the broad view, And attain on the knowledge, Generated and the way, Both old and new, Makes them effective tools, In a triumphant march able to lead them to where they should be at the center, Who are capable of reform and change in the framework of national and national trends are both.

And not moving the goals of human development to students only, But pass them over to their teachers and those who educate them on, Facilitating the reasons for them given the knowledge in every way possible and Technology, And in order to continue with the sources of knowledge, and other Universities Arab and foreign, Accessible to them by these means collectively all necessary action to attain advanced degrees on the road to serious scientific research.

And the Royal University of British science and technology concerned with raising personality of the learner, And the creation of the causes of communication with the community, So as to achieve a real advantage of the potential of his sons, And taking his hand to what would fit Finally, we at the Royal University of British science and technology are heading to be - a final and complete configuration - Queen of thinking in our students, Avoiding filler knowledge drain quickly sneak a forgotten, But we are working on would be to set the personality of the learner, The ability to think, And employ this knowledge in this thinking And strengthening the disclosure . With best wishes for your success.

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