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Welcome to The Faculty of Information Technology ( IT )

The Faculty of Information Technology (IT), at the British Royal University of Science and Technology, is keen to keep up with the rapid changes and latest advancements in the field of Information technology. Accordingly, the faculty exerts continuous efforts for the development of its faculty members, learning and teaching resources, research, and curriculums.

With a watchful eye on the needs of local and regional markets, IT works hard to satisfy these needs by graduating students who are well educated and who are properly trained to serve their community. Thus, IT has an atmosphere that can be characterized as dynamic, motivating, and innovative; making it an incubator to many ideas affecting the entire university as well as the local community.

A distinguishing feature of the faculty of IT at the British Royal University of Science and Technology, is the high ratio of computers to students . The faculty hosts computer labs equipped with the latest branded computers connected to a secured local network with Internet access. These labs serve Window and Linux Applications, as well as Multi-Media Programming. the labs are highly sophisticated network labs to serve courses.

Our classrooms are carefully designed to be comfortable for students and instructors. Classrooms are equipped with PCs, data shows, screens, white boards, and Internet Connection.., Centers, Offices, and Clubs Special services, training, extra curricular and social activities, at the faculty of IT are considered seriously and are organized through several offices and centers located at the faculty premises.

Message from the Dean

The Faculty of Information Technology was established to graduate students who are equipped with knowledge and skills relevant to the rising demands for awareness of the role information plays in characterizing our daily modern life. Today's society is experiencing a rapid shift from a traditional production-driven society to an information-driven one where every aspect of social and corporate activity is processed more quickly and precisely through the utilization of computers and networks. Keeping this always in mind, the study plan for every graduation program of this Faculty has been very carefully framed to address the most recent developments in the field of Information Technology, and attention is dually given to both theory and practice.

The Faculty consists of the following four departments in addition to the rich and well equipped Computer Centre:

  • Department of Software Engineering (SE).
  • Department of Computer Science (CS).
  • Department of Computer Information Systems (CIS).
  • Department of Management Information Systems (MIS).

    And offers four bachelor programmes with the following aims:

  • To train the students as managers and executives, to serve public and private sector organizations.
  • To fulfill national manpower requirements in the field of Business management and Information technology.
  • To undertake research in the field of Computer Science or any IT field, Management Studies, Business and Commerce, Environment, Health etc.
  • To provide consultancy services to government, non-governmental organizations and corporate bodies in applications of management and information technology for solving complex problems.
  • To equip them with intricacies of setting up their own business as entrepreneurs.


The Faculty has excellent infrastructure in the form of building and space, Library, Computing facility with the help of a huge number of latest generation Computers in a number of PC Labs, very fast accessible Networks, Research Labs and High-end Labs including IT-Incubator Labs, Network Labs , Training Labs, MS Training Center Labs, ICDL, Phoenix International Training Center Lab, Multimedia Labs, one Linux Lab, Supervisors' Lab.

The Faculty has endeavored to have close interaction with industry and international experts by conducting International Symposiums, Seminars, Industrial Visits, and Projects etc. to enable its students to understand the final points of IT study. This is the reason that our students have been finding ready-acceptance in industries and business, and also for admission to higher education in USA, Europe etc.

Our alumni are occupying responsible positions in the cooperate world inside and outside the country. It is worth mentioning that the Faculty of IT has been adjudged as the top ranked IT Faculty in the Kingdom and has been awarded the prestigious Al-Hussein Fund Prize for excellence in the specialization of Computer and Information Systems. As the Dean of the Faculty, I welcome all the students of Philadelphia University or of any other university, their parents/guardians and/or any Corporate-team or any Government-team to visit the Faculty of IT any working days and give us valuable feedback/suggestions/criticisms for further improvement of our academic quality.

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