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Welcome to The Faculty of Administration

The Faculty of Administration at the British Royal University of Science and Technology was founded in the 2009 scholastic year, with a mission to provide business education aimed at enhancing the local community and participating in the unprecedented growth the Arab world is witnessing. The College has an environment which encourages interaction and collaboration inside and outside the classroom. Today, we are recognized as innovators in business education and research. Our faculty and alumni play a key role in enhancing understanding, offering insights and sharing foresights about fundamental business forces that shape our regional and global environment. The intellectual capital of our faculty is a distinguishing feature of all our programs. We have created a culture built on integrity and team work. Upon graduation, our students have the scientific and practical knowledge needed to aid in the growth of the community for a better life.

The Faculty of Administration departments are comprised of: department of International Administration , department of Accounting management , department of Banking management, department of Marketing , Hotel & Tourism Management . These departments were developed with consideration of the job opportunities available locally, regionally and internationally, and by benchmarking with other distinguished Arab and international universities. Creative thinking, problem solving and research are central to the academic programs. Upon graduation, the student receives a Bachelor's degree in one of these specializations and is prepared for a professional career.

The Faculty of Administration at the British Royal University of Science and Technology is managed with a team spirit. With that in mind, the college has a Board, consisting of the Dean, department heads, and an outside representative, which meet regularly to discuss and coordinate issues pertaining to their different programs. Also, at every department level, there is a committee which includes all faculty members of the department and the department head; they meet, discuss and participate in the management of department issues in coordination with the College Board and the University mission.

The Faculty of Administration at the British Royal University of Science and Technology boasts members of faculty whose work is renowned. The faculties hold PhD's and Master's degrees from distinguished Arab and international universities. Our faculty members have high levels of expertise and experience. Faculty members foster an environment of learning and select techniques that challenge students. Committed to excellence and sensitive to the impact of managerial policies on society, the faculty integrates teaching and research. The College continues to retain and attract faculty to increase and enhance the education process needed for the new specializations in the world of globalization.

With a strong tradition of providing quality education, we provide a focused and carefully considered curriculum that builds on work ethics and integrity. The curriculum is updated to meet the requirements in the new work place as well as other established Arab and international universities.

Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Administrative at the British Royal University of Science and Technology. It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the Faculty of Administrative . It offers a range of courses combining the core areas of business studies with a number of specialist disciplines based on the research orientation of its staff. This portfolio of programs is oriented towards business areas, which is expected to continue to provide expanding job opportunities in the opening of the new millennium, and is likely to contribute to the development of Kurdistan Region economic field.

The courses of the faculty are grouped into five , national specified, subject areas (departments): department of International Administration , department of Accounting management , department of Banking management, department of Marketing management , Hotel & Tourism Management.

The faculty is engaged in research activities done by staff and community. It provides job opportunities for the students through business incubator and on the job training courses After graduation they take up different careers at governmental and non-governmental establishment as well. This is due to the diligent work of the administrations and the teaching staff that strive to create the high level of critical thinking in our students. The outcome is obvious in the entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability.

In addition, our faculty is distinguished and prominent for the business incubator, which is a scheme to encourage industrial involvement where students can share a dedicated physical area for meeting and developing ideas.

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