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Welcome to BRU Faculty of Law: a Faculty of energy, innovation and distinction. Over the last few years, the Faculty has emerged as a national leader of teaching and learning for law, as a result of a series of innovative initiatives, which have focused on the utilization of technology and the development of graduates' generic attributes and skills, the curriculum improvements in order to ensure that students are prepared for contemporary professional practice as well as providing opportunities for further ongoing professional educational development following graduation.

Alumni of the Faculty have gone on to serve their communities in a variety of ways including highly respected lawyers, legal counselors, prosecuting attorneys, judges and many others career in the entire legal industry; and in fields other than law.

Whether you are preparing for your first career or looking for a career change, the time you spend at BRU faculty of Law will be some of the most arduous yet personally rewarding of your life. The combination of experienced staff and diverse students yields an academic atmosphere that is both challenging and supportive. I hope that your time with us is rich and rewarding for you in many ways. Our faculty had many outstanding achievements in the past few years. Our primary aim is to provide you with a sound, humane and liberal education in law and justice studies that will be of value in itself and will establish the basis for lifelong learning in whatever field you ultimately choose to enter.


Faculty of Law Overview

2009/2010, with the establishment of the University. The faculty has received both public and private accreditation, welcoming hundreds of students who have benefited from distinguished legal learning.

The Faculty aims to prepare the academically qualified professional needed by public and private institutions. To this end, a degree programme has been draw up at the bachelor's degree level to keep pace with scientific development on the local, regional and international levels, taught by professors who are distinguished in their various specializations.

Judging from the fact that there was a dramatic increase in the number of the faculty's students (from 9 students in 1991/1992 to 550 students in 2004/2005), it can be estimated that students are attracted by the high quality of teaching provided by the Faculty. Moreover, as parts aim to maintain a cosmopolitan community of staff and students, and prove contact with an international community, the faculty cultivates a regional rile, with many students coming from abroad to study on its programme. The number of foreign students in the academic year 2004/2005 made up 47% percent of the Faculty's students body.

Graduates of the faculty have gone on to great success in many fields of endeavour, with an excellent record in obtaining employment in a very wide range of careers. Our graduates include highly respected lawyers, legal counselors, prosecuting attorneys, judges and many others career in the entire legal industry.


Mission of the Faculty of Law

The Faculty's most basic and vital aim is to produce a generation that will have both the basic theoretical knowledge in the different branches of law and the critical and analytical skills of the legal and judicial applications.

All this is achieved in an educational environment that encourages scientific research and fosters the sources of legal knowledge with the help of the latest technologies. In this way, the Faculty builds the character of the students, their self-confidence and spirit of communication with others; this team spirit, will allow the students to actively participate in and influence objectively the legal system and profession, as well as the society as a whole under all possible conditions.


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